Concrete Sealers

Concrete is porous when new and more subseptable to possible damage. Sealing your concrete is an important first step in protecting any new concrete surface, including driveways, garage floors, sidewalks, patios and even retaining walls.

Concrete sealers help protect your investment from damage caused by salt  and can help prevent staining in your new concrete. Some sealers protect better than others and some are longer lasting. When choosing a concrete sealer keep in mind what you want your finished look to be. Sealers come in various finishes from glossy to color tinted. 

Asphalt & Concrete Buy Knox can provide annual concrete maintenance sealing, or can apply a one time penetrating sealer on your new concrete that will protect it for up to ten years.

Ask your representative for more information about the concrete sealers we offer.


  • Our Guarantee

    Asphalt & Concrete Buy Knox offers a 10-YEAR WARRANTY against settling and all surface defects!

Newly Sealed Concrete
Newly Sealed Concrete
Applying Concrete Sealer
Applying Concrete Sealer
Sealed Concrete Patio
Sealed Concrete Patio

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