What should you do when gasoline or other chemicals are spilled on your asphalt driveway?

Scrub the area with water and liquid dishwashing detergent as soon as you can.


Gas, oils and other chemical will eat away at your asphalt. If a spill occurs, hose the area off as soon as possible, then clean the area with soapy water and a scrub brush.

If you are unable to clean the area and damage occurs you will need to have the area repaired. Depending on the amount of damage this area usually has to be removed and replaced with asphalt. Call us. We can take a look at the site and recommend the best way to address the problem.

Once a repair has been completed, sealing you asphalt will help hide the  visable differerent between the existing asphalt and the new repair.

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  • Seal Your Concrete!

    The best way to extend the life of your concrete is to protect it by sealing it. There are different types of sealers from annual surface sealers, tinted sealers, and lifetime penetrating sealers.

    To encourage our customers to protect their concrete we offer low cost sealing options. Ask your saleperson for more information.

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