I need a retaining wall, but where do I start?

I need a retaining wall, but where do I start?

When you are planning a retaining wall, begin by determining the height of the surrounding area.


Once you have an idea about the height for your wall, you will need to select the type of block you want to use. Contact AC Buy Knox if you need ideas or guidance.

Next, start considering your excavation, basing, drainage, wall materials and first course design. Remembering to take into consideration any cuts needed to make your wall design work. This is the most difficult phase. Once that phase is completed and the first row installed, stacking the blocks and caps is hard work but easier.

AC Buy Knox offers a number of options. We can design and build the wall for you, or we can handle design and the first phase. Once we get you set with the first course installed, you can save money by stacking the blocks yourself.

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  • Excavate & Base

    During the basing phase, it is also the time to develop a drainage plan that dos not leave you with puddles of water or a drainage plan allowing water to flow towards your house or garage.

    We will take the extra step on projects which have drainage issues to shoot elevations and work with the homeowner to make sure the best drainage possible is set before we install asphalt or concrete.

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