There are so many types of blocks for retaining walls. What should I choose?

There are so many types of blocks for retaining walls. What should I choose?

There is truth to the statement, "you get what you pay for."


The number of years you can expect to get out of your wall before having to replace or repair it partially depends on the type of block you get.

Blocks that use a pin system verses a lip system offer the best option in both ease in stacking the blocks and better hold so your blocks are less likely to push out.

Cosmetically, you want to find a block that has a low moisture content. Blocks used to build retaining walls are typically made of cement. They also go through freeze and thaw cycles. As the water in the blocks freezes and thaws they lose moisture. As the moisture comes out it takes some of the coloring with it. Blocks with a low moisture content are least likely to crumble and discolor over time.

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  • Excavate & Base

    During the basing phase, it is also the time to develop a drainage plan that dos not leave you with puddles of water or a drainage plan allowing water to flow towards your house or garage.

    We will take the extra step on projects which have drainage issues to shoot elevations and work with the homeowner to make sure the best drainage possible is set before we install asphalt or concrete.

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