Why does concrete crack?

Why does concrete crack?

Concrete is not a flexible material and is affected by the freeze and thaw cycles we expirence in Minnesota.


Freeze and thaw cycles cause movement in the ground which can cause the concrete to crack. The best way to minimize cracking is to use a good base, strong concrete, and install rebar and control joints for reinforcement.

Be sure to choose a concrete contractor that is experienced in proper driveway basing and reinforcement, and that knows how to properly cure a driveway during the drying process, as cement that dries too quickly is also prone to cracking.

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  • Seal Your Concrete!

    The best way to extend the life of your concrete is to protect it by sealing it. There are different types of sealers from annual surface sealers, tinted sealers, and lifetime penetrating sealers.

    To encourage our customers to protect their concrete we offer low cost sealing options. Ask your saleperson for more information.

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