How do you protect new concrete?

How do you protect new concrete?

New concrete is porous and should be sealed to protect it salt or other damaging compounds, as well as leaves and debris that could cause discoloration.


It is recommended by concrete experts to seal your concrete every year for the first 10 years.

Sealing your concrete helps protect your investment from salt dripping off of cars, stains caused by leaves, acorns, or even some types of leaks. You can do this annually by applying a surface seal or have a contractor apply a one time penetrating sealer on your new concrete that will protect it for the full ten years.

Choose your sealer carefully to make sure it will protect your concrete based on your specific situation.

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  • Excavate & Base

    During the basing phase, it is also the time to develop a drainage plan that dos not leave you with puddles of water or a drainage plan allowing water to flow towards your house or garage.

    We will take the extra step on projects which have drainage issues to shoot elevations and work with the homeowner to make sure the best drainage possible is set before we install asphalt or concrete.

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