Why do asphalt driveways sometimes sink by the garage?

Why do asphalt driveways sometimes sink by the garage?

Asphalt is more likely to sink in the first three to five feet out from your garage floor. Concrete aprons are the most successful in bridging over the area and not sinking if installed properly.


When building the footings your garage slab is placed on, the builder has to dig out an area large enough to fit a worker down 4 feet with enough room to work as they build the footing wall. Once this process is complete, they back fill this area with dirt or sand and then pave the driveway with asphalt without proper coompaction.

Asphalt follows the base that is supposed to be supporting it so as this area settles the asphalt sinks. A concrete apron bridges this area. Even though the base may settle, if the placement of the concrete apron is correct you will not have sinking by the garage.

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